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We couldn’t resist getting our teeth into a brilliant data set created by Sean Miller containing records of every Billboard Top 100 single between 1958 and 2018.

Play around with the interactive viz below to explore how artists and groups with the most number 1, top 10, top 20, top 50 and top 100 Billboard hits have maintained success while experiencing peaks, falls and (sometimes posthumous) revivals.

No surprises to see the likes of The Beatles sitting at the top of the most number 1s chart. The inclusion of siblings Michael and Janet Jackson in the list of 10 performers with the most number 1s highlights just how much of a lasting impact the Jackson family have made on popular music.

Another interesting pattern, when exploring artists with the most top 100 records, the profile changes slightly to include more recently active artists such as Drake and Taylor Swift. We were quite surprised to notice that, despite a Billboard Top 100 career spanning 37 years, the late Aretha Franklin had only recorded a single number 1 hit.

There is undoubtedly much more to explore in this data set and we would love to hear your comments about how we could improve it (or see your approaches to visualising the data). Please leave a comment or get into touch with us directly!


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