Interview with Martin Meitza

Martin Meitza has close to two decades of experience in channel distribution leadership roles having worked on the vendor side at Cisco and on the distributor side at Logicom and Ingram Micro. We asked Martin to give us his insights into the complex and highly pressured world of distribution. Read on to learn all about [...]

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How To Make Channel Data Your Secret Weapon

Data can help you be more successful. The purpose of this discourse is to say two simple things. Firstly, success is subjective, it’s what it means to you, but in channel teams learning how to harness even poor data will allow you to better measure success and deliver great work [...]

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Availability – Using Dashboards to Fight Stock-outs

High Availability is a crucial component of a healthy supply chain and therefore a metric that anyone involved in setting a Channel Strategy needs to monitor and act on. To monitor and act, you need to be able to see and interpret the relevant data in a way that highlights problems and allows you to dig for further detail. We’ve created a dashboard that does exactly that.

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Legends of the Billboard Top 100

We couldn't resist getting our teeth into a brilliant data set created by Sean Miller containing records of every Billboard Top 100 single between 1958 and 2018. Play around with the interactive viz to explore how artists and groups with the most number 1, top 10, top 20, top 50 and top 100 Billboard hits have maintained success while experiencing peaks, falls and (sometimes posthumous) revivals.

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